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Seattle Porcelain Veneer White Smile Makeover

November 25, 2019

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We have found that one of the best investments that people can make for themselves is the gift of a smile.  I don’t mean “a healthy mouth” but an actual smile makeover that turns heads!  But what does that MEAN?

I have found that the “perfect smile” means something different to EVERYONE

White Smile

Did you know that there are at LEAST 50 shades of grey?   And that the human eye can distinguish 500 shades?  I’m not sure that I could PERSONALLY distinguish them, but that is what I am told…. 

So what about white?  When people ask me for a white smile, what does that mean?  How white do you want?  Is it possible to be TOO white?  The “right” answer is a personal opinion, as I have delivered beautiful smiles that for ME seemed too white, but my patient LOVED the result.

Have YOU thought about a white smile, and WHAT white you would like?  Is “mother of pearl” too yellow, or is that about right?

And for the record, there are 52 shades of white….

Perfect Smile

There is actually some math involved when designing a smile.  I know, we all insisted (were maybe even CERTAIN) when we were in school learning Algebra that the real world would have no need.  Yet, as we age, we see math EVERYWHERE.  Case in point: smile design.  Designing a perfect smile includes considering the overall face and looking for balance and symmetry.  While NOTHING is perfectly symmetrical, we do our best to create symmetry whenever we CAN.

The lips ideally cover 1-2 mm of enamel at the gumline when smiling, the incisal edges of the two front teeth should be 21-25 mm from the bottom of the nose, the width of the central tooth should be 1.6 times as wide as the lateral, the height vs width should be 78%…. 


There are famous numbers that we were taught in life: Pi is 3.14, Avagadro’s number is 6.022×10^23, the Fibonacci Sequence or the Phi Matrix is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, … 

The latter number is what trained cosmetic dentists use to create what is commonly called “Golden Proportions” or the “Golden Ratio”. The math involved is 1.6, shown here:

This is a common ratio we see all throughout nature:

It stands to reason that if we can design a smile with THIS math, our eyes/brain will see the smile as “beautiful”.

Proper Design

If we design a smile in advance, it will appear something like this:

From THIS starting point, we can personalize a smile and deliver the best possible outcome.

How much DOES a perfect smile cost?

Well, THAT is the $64,000 question, isn’t it? Ironically, it COULD cost $64,000…..

Most of the time, it won’t be THAT much. The vast majority of smiles deal with 8-10 teeth so the cost will likely be closer to $15,000 to $20,000 but each and every case is different.

Dental Exam

There is NO substitute for a dental exam. This is not merely a conversation, but also a collection of diagnostic records, photos, and any necessary data to assess the situation and then render an opinion on what it would take to achieve YOUR goal.

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