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Aetna Dentist Network Provider

April 18, 2017

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The times, they are a changing….  Dr Lance Timmerman wants to help his patients offset the costs to dental care, and is an IN network Aetna dentistwith Aetna Dental.  This means that if you have Aetna dental, there is no reason to seek care anyplace else.  World class dental care with network pricing.

Let’s face it.  Times have changed.  Costs of living are a challenge, so seeking an Aetna dentist can save money.  Are ALL dentists the same?  Are network dentists better?  Not necessarily, so do your homework.  Please search our website to learn if we are a good fit for you.  We offer general services (cleanings, fillings, etc), but we also offer specialized care, like snoring/sleep apnea, dental implants, or smile makeovers.

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It can be frustrating to get the care that you want, but learn that there are rules to follow, and some services aren’t covered. What is worse, sometimes you find this out AFTER the treatment is complete.  OUR office seeks transparency. We state UP FRONT the plan, the alternatives, and the costs associated with your care. If payment arrangements or financing is needed, we can help.

Most limitations are due to limited services offered from that specific office, not necessarily the plan, so choose an office with a variety of services.

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The benefit of an IN network dentist and the convenience of Tukwila, right behind the family fun center and next door to Starfire (where the Seattle Sounders train) make this a convenient and money saving option. We share the building with the University of Phoenix, so don’t drive past thinking your GPS is broken!

Periodontal Therapy or “Deep Cleaning”?

November 7, 2015

Filed under: Blog,Periodontics — drtimmerman @ 9:53 am
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Many offices dumb down terms in hopes that patients will understand our advice. Is it possible that in an effort to be clear, we (as a profession) devalue what it is exactly that we are doing? We are finding that we have created misunderstandings. The truth is, there is no such thing as a “deep cleaning” in a dental office.

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A dental office is either cleaning teeth (polishing them up, removing stains, etc) or providing periodontal therapy.

This therapy is often called a “deep cleaning” but that isn’t really what is done. The goal here is to remove what is called the bio-film from below the gum line. The bio film is a collection of plaque and bacteria and it can create an inflammatory response from your body. Chronic inflammation can affect your entire body, and periodontal disease destroys bone around the teeth. If left untreated, you will lose teeth. If left untreated, you could die (I know, it sounds like an exaggeration, but just ask Whoopi Goldberg)

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The process for periodontal therapy WILL make a person’s teeth clean, and the process IS deeper than a “regular” cleaning, to call it a “deep cleaning” is not truly accurate…

Sometimes we get patients that will request a “regular” cleaning when a “deep cleaning” was recommended. While it would seem logical that you could request that, the laws are clear that the dental health care provider cannot violate standard of care, and a patient is not capable to waive the standard of care. Legal precedent has been set, and if a dentist has diagnosed gum disease, therapy must be performed even if a patient requests otherwise.

It is similar to a physician diagnosing an infection in your lungs. He cannot simply give an aromatherapy candle and ignore the infection. The patient has the right to decline care and leave, but the doctor cannot ignore the infection.

Dr Timmerman feels very strongly about this.  If you have periodontal disease, a gritty toothpaste cleaning will only be offered in ADDITION to therapy, not as a replacement.